Memory Poets

Memory Poets

We LOVE this collection for it’s sweet simplicity- everything goes together, so you will find it very easy to mix and match countless looks and outfits. We had a lot of fun delving into our archives of block prints, our collections of vintage ephemera and discovering hand drawn sketches of beautiful fabrics from long ago. There are so many elements to discover in here- from hand made bookplates, to our own vintage block prints re-imagined, hand written art journals, and layers of lacy florals…with a touch of modern art too- 100% Blue Fish. 

Become a Memory Poet;

Create your own definition of style using your own vintage favorites recombined with new elements to create a look that is 100% uniquely yours.

 Celebrating individual expression since 1985…your friends at blue fish

2330 Sea Fog Top-P $224.00 USD $258.00 USD
3165 Poet Pant Orchid-P $188.00 USD $198.00 USD
1253 Berna Tee Sparrow-P $168.00 USD $188.00 USD
1582 Simple Tee Echo Blue-P $158.00 USD $168.00 USD
3303 Summer Meadow Pant White-U $138.00 USD $148.00 USD
3165 Poet Pant Black Sand-P $188.00 USD $198.00 USD
1582 Simple Tee Sea Fog-P $158.00 USD $168.00 USD
1437 Flower Pot Top Echo Blue-P $258.00 USD $268.00 USD

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