Screen Printing

Screenprinting has always intrigued our print artists so we thought “why not try something new?” We had been wanting to screenprint a collection for some time…and finally got our dye/print studio ready! It has been an intensive process, from building the studio to fit our needs, to experimenting with discharge dyeing, to creating a new print collection. Here is our journey!

A drawing is placed on the screen, then exposed to light.


So many designs


Close-up of exposed screen before revealing the design


Clearing the screen


Discharge ink is applied


Printing in repeat. The ink appears dull before being heat cured.

So many screens!


After being heat cured


The square tunic after being heat cured

Clean up time.

Photoshoot Time!

Square block sweatshirt & Rayon Legging


Square Tunic


Drafting Tunic


Cityscape Dress

We found the final result of this new process to be very fulfilling, & are very excited about screen printing, and the possibilities it brings to us as artists!

To see the whole collection click here > BLUEPRINT

8 Responses to Screen Printing

  1. Karen wrote:

    I would just LOVE to see more shorts – short ones, above knee ones, pretty much any length. I have a few pair but I live in Las Vegas and shorts are what I live in half the year!!

  2. Nancy Brooks-Swan wrote:

    You people are fascinating. Ever changing…ever growing…fun in the “doing”…fun also to watch. Thanks for sharing the journey. Nancy

  3. Mary wrote:

    Thanks for sharing your process, very interesting and informative.
    Gives me an even greater appreciation of the finished product.
    Now if I could only afford to buy some. I found a piece on sale a number of years ago and wore it to shreds. Even if I can’t wear Blue Fish I always love lookng at your designs. Its like going to a fine art gallery!! Keep up the great designs and for thinking outside the box!!

  4. Sally Cascio wrote:

    BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to add to my cherished collection of Blue Fish (started in the early 1980′s in Frenchtown…..”Hi, Jennifer !”) Sally

  5. Nancy Ferro wrote:

    I began my collection 20 years ago in Taos, while on vacation. Later I tried to come to work for you, interviewed at New Hope. I had studied printmaking in grad school and many “marks” that would have worked on your pieces. But you all pointed out that I would have to leave Texas, and I wasn’t ready to do that. I have just found you all again, so glad you are still printing!

  6. Doris wrote:

    Several years ago, I bought one of your magnificent turtlenecked tee shirts (too hot to wear here in Phoenix, AZ), when your name was “The Stone Pony” and I lived in NY. Fortunately, I was able to track you down and for the past few years have been enjoying viewing your designs. I’m TRYING to lose weight so that I can buy and enjoy wearing your designs — one of your lightweight ones!

  7. Monvelia wrote:

    Bluefish has been the formation of my wardrobe since the early 90′s. I started my addiction to incredible one-of-a-kind pieces when I had the pleaseure of selling Bluefish collections in Anchorage Alaska.
    My addiction to beauty has resulted in me having to expand into a walk-in closet, but you can never have enough Bluefish!

  8. kim wrote:

    LOVE the screenprints! the colors and designs are just gorgeous.
    thank you for making these, so inspiring.
    I love playing dress up with my Blue Fish pieces!

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