Amazing Petaloons

midlayers-petaloons copy
Wondering what to wear with your new mid layers or tunics?
Add one of our favorite summer pants – the Dalliance Petaloon or one of our Tiered Petaloons in organic cotton with just a hint of stretch… super comfortable!
Or for those where the weather is sweltering, the Trellis Pant… light as a breeze.
These are my favorite summer weather pant choices.
They work well for all heights, shorter statures will wear them as a long pant and will look great, while taller women will wear them as a crop, equally well.
Comfort, original style, ease is yours.


Shop all petaloons here >


Dalliance Petaloon in Gray Lavender


Tiered Petaloon in Gray Lavender


Outfit 1, Outfit 2, Outfit 3, Outfit 4, Outfit 5


Tiered Petaloon in Seafoam Green


Dalliance Petaloon in Jade


Dalliance Petaloon in Seafoam Green

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Serendipity Collection (July 9, 2014)

serendipity-sell1 serendipity-sell2

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Limonda Collection (June 19, 2014)

limonada-sell1 limonada-sell2

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Outfits in Taos

Here’s a sampling of outfits & styles at our Taos store.

Please give us a call if you see something you like! Taos – 575.758.7474.

Or email us at –
More about Taos Store here.

group shot8-2

Outfit 1, Outfit 2, Outfit 3, Outfit 4, Outfit 5


Outfit 6, Outfit 7, Outfit 8

outfit 5

Outfit 1

outfit 4-2

Outfit 2

outfit 3-2

Outfit 3

Outfit 1-2

Outfit 5


Outfit 6

See something you like? We may have it at any of our stores or…

Call  908.996.3720
or Email Frenchtown

We look forward to saying hi!

Fairfield Store
Open six days a week, Mon – Sat, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm (central time).
58 S. Main, 52556 Fairfield, IA
Phone – 641.209.3920


The Taos Store
Open seven days a week 11:00am to 5pm (mountain time).
1405 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, El Prado, NM 87571
Phone – 575.758.7474

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Style Snapshot – Midlayers

Mid-Layers! My essential pieces. Always to be packed for every trip. With pockets, preferably.
Aprons, slips, jumpers… All mid-layers that you add to your outfit of a top and pant – to bring it to a completely different place…that you just may fall in love with.
I am pretty sure I invented this concept… And once people try it, they feel the comfort, security, and FUN of these pieces. In a dressier fabric, the mid-layer can go to the opera, or to a wedding, with you.
You will feel beautiful, unique and so glad you are not wearing sequins.

Daily, wear mid-layers include linen, denims, all washable, wonderful easy care fabrics…
Throw them on over a fitted tee and whatever style of pant you love the best. Bloomers, petaloons, leggings, or a skirt. Fill those pockets with your daily necessities and you are set!
Mid-layers can work on any and all body types!

My day is complete and always much better when I wear a Blue Fish style apron or one of our other great mid-layer styles. I guarantee, they are addictive in a good way.
Enjoy and wear them well.
Love, jen

Shop all midlayers here >
Learn all about layering here >


Before and After in the Stockholm Apron



Before and After in the Parasol Dress


Before and After in the Florica Shift


Before and After the Whimsical Reversible Shift


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Outfits in Frenchtown

whatchyawearin ? whereyagoin = what are you wearing, where are you going ?
Time for some fun!

We played the Unmatch Game in our closets and just could not stop! Most of these pieces are available at all our shops

Some are onesies – Sizes are limited – All are guaranteed to make you feel spectacular!
Let us help you create a joyful new look.


outfit 9, outfit 8, outfit 10, outfit 17


outfit 11, outfit, 14, outfit 16, outfit 15


outfit 7, outfit, 6, outfit 5, outfit 4


outfit 3, outfit 12, outfit 13


outfit 2, outfit 1


See something you like? We may have it any of our stores or…

Call  908.996.3720
or Email Frenchtown

We look forward to saying hi!

Fairfield Store
Open six days a week, Mon – Sat, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm (central time).
58 S. Main, 52556 Fairfield, IA
Phone – 641.209.3920


The Taos Store
Open seven days a week 11:00am to 5pm (mountain time).
1405 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, El Prado, NM 87571
Phone – 575.758.7474

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Style Snapshot – Linen Tunics

EPSON251Where… did you get that tunic?! The third person of the day asked as I walked through the conference filled with Dr’s, therapists, and other complementary health professionals.
It looks so comfortable… And I could wear it to work! Said the first…a successful psychotherapist from California.
I love the unusual color and print. Didn’t you have one on yesterday.. A greeny – grey one with no design on it? Where did you get those? I LOVE them!…said a bubbly red headed 40-something pediatrician from NJ.
And now the third, a wellness center owner from Michigan, stopped me by the elevators. She said, You look so great every time I see you, always a different outfit that is so…what is that clothing?

“It is Blue Fish.” I explain, again. “No, I don’t have a card but let me write the website down for you…we also have three shops…yes, it will fit you, the intent is comfort, a sophisticated drape, wonderful and unusual colors and …yes, we hand print them too… If you like….”

Yes, you may have seen Blue Fish at Nordstrom in the past, or many boutiques across the country. If you like to dress well, and comfort and design are important to you, you will love it. It is meant to layer and mix…season after season, year after year. You build your Blue Fish collection. It becomes part of your life. You love these clothes and they will last and last and love you back, you will feel like yourself again.

It’s true.

This tunic style is a favorite and we offer it several times per year with varied details, pockets, neckline, length may change but believe me you will always reach for it, and it will always be packed in your suitcase for it feels like a friend. Throw it over any of our wonderful pants, from leggings ( if you are larger on top and have skinny legs). Petaloons or lawn ruffle pants, if you are a balanced shape or bigger in the ‘zone’ – derriere hips thighs…the tunic will gracefully cover those areas and the shape of the pant will balance your body.
Lawn meadow pants work on everyone…short to tall. And are so very cool feeling on hot days. Ahhh.

Please remember to call us on the phone for personal recommendations, we are happy to help you put together an outfit for a special occasion or everyday…one that works just right for your body and your personality.

xoxox – jen

See all our Linen Tunics here >


New Serenade Tunic


The Spring Wish Tunic


Serenade Tunic


The Spring Wish Tunic

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Our Photographer Wears Blue Fish on Oprah

When our photographer Juliet told us she was going to be on Oprah. We said write a blog! Tell us all about it! So she did…


Rebecca and Juliet on Oprah

When my girlfriend Rebecca told me she was chosen to be in an intimate, interactive audience with Oprah and the author of “Conscious Parenting”, Dr Shefali Tsabary, I thought she was going to ask me to watch her daughter while she was gone.  Instead she invited me to come as her one “parent” guest.  I was beyond thrilled and one of the first questions that came to our mind was, “What do we wear?”.  Blue Fish Clothing, of course!!  We decided to meet at the store the day we were driving to Chicago.  The girls at Blue Fish were so helpful in dressing us for our appointment with Oprah.  After many outfit changes, we found the perfect outfits. They even lent us sandals to go with our new outfits.  Being a professional photographer for Blue Fish has it’s benefits.

I had always joked that if I can AVOID  being pulled on Oprah by my kids about how I messed up their childhood,  then I was a successful parent.  Well, I felt now, that my kids did have some influence with me going to Oprah with this parenting topic but I was grateful to embrace this information before it was too late.  I have 6 children, Ages 12, 10 , 8, 6, 4, 2 yrs old.  They need me to be the best possible parent, or I am messing up six lives.

Driving up to Chicago, we listened to Eckhart Tolle and Marianne Williamson as we talked about different parenting styles. Deciding that we needed no improvements in that department (kidding), the topic went to our shabby feet. We decided we needed a pedicure with the new sandals that Blue Fish lent us (Not really thinking they would be in camera).  We had a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory after our pedicures, hit Whole Foods for some snacks and headed to my parents house (who live in Chicago) to sleep. We had an early morning the next day.
We arrived at 9am and stood in a line to enter with the other intimate, interactive audience members.  Many of them had heard about Fairfield, Iowa from when Oprah visited our small town a couple years ago.  We exchanged numbers in case they finally came to visit.  We were led into a waiting room to fill out all the necessary paperwork, like: don’t tackle Oprah when she comes out etc.  They started reading off names, and lead us to the set where the topic of parenting would be discussed and filmed LIVE then later air on Life Class with Oprah (May 18th).
As we walked on set, they looked us up and down and led us to the FRONT ROW…the closest seats you can get to Oprah and Dr Shefali!  What??  Was it our beautiful outfits from Blue Fish OR our amazing Oprah-like energy??  I decided it was both.  We went on to enjoy the show, on camera most of the time.  I wish someone would have told me to smile more, but it really wasn’t about me… (Even though this blog is making it sound like it is.)  Needless to say, we had an amazing time. We were gifted with Dr Shefali’s two parenting books which I highly recommend to any parent, grandparent, or anyone that is around children.
Thank you to the ladies at Blue Fish Clothing for dressing us and making us feel beautiful.


Rebecca in our Bon Vivant Cardi

photo 2

A pedicure and shoes! Perfect for TV.

photo 1

YAY! So much fun!


See the show here >

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A Summer in Neutral

Get your Summer Outfit Ideas here!

Our stylist put these looks together using neutrals only, to take you from day to night effortlessly…the Blue Fish way.

Marigold Top, Tulip Skirt, Plaidant Pant
Stockholm Apron, Linen Dawn Pant, Tula Blouse
New Serenade Tunic, 3-D Pant (out of stock)
Romance Shift, Enchanting Voile Skirt
Parasol Dress, Linen Dawn Pant
Firefly Shift, Linen Dawn Pant
Wild Gathers Cardi, Firefly Shift, Linen Dawn Pant

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Frani is back!

Greetings Ladies!
If we have not met, my name is Frani and I have been with Blue Fish since 1994.

For the last few years I have been enjoying all-around happiness and good health with family, friends, exercise, plants and dogs. Anybody else do zumba wearing Blue Fish?
Life was good!

Through the magic of Blue Fish, I reconnected with Jennifer and realized how much I missed my Blue Fish life and friends.
So… I’m back!

I am back at my beloved Frenchtown shop most afternoons. If you will be in the Frenchtown area please let me know so we can catch up in person.

When I am not at the shop, you can count on Diane and Mary to help you find your Blue Fish treasures. They will hold your pieces so that we can discuss them too. Or any other questions you may have.
You can also connect with me personally at Email me your phone number and I will give you a call.

I am looking forward to saying hi and reconnecting as well as meeting all of you who have joined our enchanted circle of friends.
I am so grateful be able to share with all of you again.

We all know it’s NOT just about the clothes.
Life is so good !!!

Let’s talk soon, Frani J

frani and dogs 21

Frani and her dogs, Francesca & Giovani.

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Alegra (April 28, 2014)


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Bergamot Moon (April 8, 2014)

bergamot-moon-sell4 bergamot-moon-sell3

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curvy girls

Cultivate your curves! We had our curvy best friends come in and style a shoot! You know what works for you. Here are their favorites…

Shop Curvy here >

Latisha’s Style (5′ 2 Size 2)
For me, clothes need to be comfortable and low maintenance. I don’t want anything too clingy or hanging too low, etc. I like anything that looks good on me regardless of trends or styles and I don’t mind standing out in a crowd when I find pieces I really like. Just recently I have begun experimenting with a more layered look. I never used to do layers thinking that more clothes would make me look too bulky, and not be flattering. I find the opposite is true. I like good quality items that will last and last, because once you find something you really love to wear you never want to let it go.


Latisha & Heather


Latisha in the Spring Wish Tunic and Buttonwillow Pant


Latisha in the Monarch Vest & Buttonwillow Pant


Whimsical Reversible Shift & Buttonwillow Pant


Organza Shift, & Buttonwillow Pant with the Wildflower Cotton Wrap


Stocklholm Apron, Buttonwillow Pant


Heather’s Style (5′ 4 Size 1 & 2)

I like to dress to reflect my moods and express my creativity. Sometimes it’s wild, sometimes it’s subtle, but I pretty much always like to have some whimsical element to my outfit, even if I’m the only one who knows! I hate to look boring or dumpy. I really pay attention to details, the placement of a pocket, seams, a button, or a print can make all the difference between something I would wear every day if I could, and something that would sit in my closet.


Heather in the Linen Lily Apron, Wild Gathers Tissue Cardi, Slim Flounce pant


Bella Villa Dress, Plaidant Pant


Stocklholm Apron, Buttonwillow Pant


Serenade Tunic


Elegante Jumper, Wild Gathers Cardi

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Bee Blossom Collection (Mar 12,2014)

bee-blossom-sell1 bee-blossom-sell2

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All about Ikat Fabric

IKAT is a technique that creates a very special pattern by choosing individual sections of the thread as the loom is being set up. The end result is unique to this technique and a gorgeous visual addition to our new Blue Fish Bee Blossom collection.

If you think about how a pattern is created, you might picture a printing scenario where designs are stamped onto a piece of fabric using dyes or paints. That’s how block-printed cotton fabrics are made. With ikat the threads are dyed before they are woven into textiles, which takes a whole lot of skill!

The word ‘ikat’ (pronounced ‘ee-KAHT’) comes from the Malaysian word ‘mengikat,’ or ‘to tie,’ because the loose threads are tied into bundles using wax-treated cotton to pinpoint where the dye is able to color the thread – a refined type of tie-dye. What this means is that the weaver has to figure out where on the loose threads the dye should and shouldn’t go, in order for it to form the desired pattern on the loom. Because of the time and skill involved in weaving ikat, some cultures believe the cloth is imbued with magical powers. Bonus! :-)

Stage 1_option2

Stage 1: Tying sections of the warp and weft threads. When the threads are dyed or painted, they resist color in the bound areas, creating a beautiful pattern.

Stage 2_option1

Stage 2: The threads after being dyed. Shown with the sections still bound.

Stage 2_option2

Stage 2: The threads shown unbound with the color contrasting pattern revealed.

Stage 3_option1

Stage 3: The warp threads on the loom, slowly weaving the final pattern.

To see all our styles featuring this pattern click here.

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New Space for our Taos Store

Our Taos store is expanding! We are still located in the Overland Ranch Complex, but now we are in the front building next to the Overland Store.

This space is gorgeous, and is much larger then where we were. It is a work in progress as we settle in, but please stop and tell us what you think & shop if you are in the area. We are carrying some new lines of jewelry and gift items as well as some pieces being produced right here in the store!


Come on in!


Our amazing chandelier and checkout area


Kids area and Sales rack


The shop

Blue Fish Pillows

Blue Fish Pillows


We love the light in this space


Sunflower nook


View from the back


The front window


View from the loft


the Show Room




The dressing rooms


Vintage Corner


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Wild Verse Collection (Feb 24, 2014)

wild-verse-sell1 wild-verse-sell2

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One-of-a-kind Collectible Prints

As we head into Springtime, we’re letting our creativity BLOOM. . . into ONE-OF-A-KIND COLLECTIBLE PRINTS.

Blue Fish is, and always has been, invested in creating artistic and expressive clothing. When we say “by hand, with heart,” we’re being very literal. As you know, each garment is meticulously hand-printed and painted.
Yet, in the years since we began selling clothing online, it has been necessary to build more structure into our printing process, so that what you see online is also what you receive.

But isn’t one of the most beautiful aspects of our process, the one-of-a-kind nature of it? We think so. As we head into Springtime, we’re letting our creativity bloom. We are beginning to print each piece as artist’s choice, so that each garment is truly one-of-a-kind again. However, please be assured that within the artist’s choice printing style, you can still count on the same imagery, pattern and color palette family that you see online. In this way, matching an outfit will be more effortless than ever before . . . for garments within one color palette as well as throughout the season.

We’re more inspired than ever to create beautiful and unique clothing for you! If you see a particular print on our site that calls out to you, give us a call and one of our personal shoppers can hand-pick a print that suits your desires.

We asked our printer Jami to document her process as she creates these little masterpieces.


Our Metamorphosis Square Top laid out for screenprinting


First layer in process


One layer done.


Here come the words…


Two completely different prints, using the same screens printed simultaneously.


All done. And so gorgeous!


That’s a wrap…here’s Jami taking a selfie with her work!

Check out the Metamorphosis Top here and the Spring Wish Tunic here.

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Blue Fish Throwbacks


Fall 1995 Kid’s Catalog


Spring ’98 Catalog


Catalog Cover Summer ’96


Spring Catalog ’99



Spring 1997 Catalog

Summer 1996 Catalog.

Summer 1996 Catalog.

Spring 1998

Spring 1998


Spring 2000 Catalog


Holiday Winter 1996


Spring 1999


1999 Winter Catalog


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Green America Certified Business

We are excited to be a Green America Certified Business!

The Green Business Certification is awarded to businesses that are:

  • Actively using their business as a tool for positive social change;
  • Operating a “values-driven” enterprise according to principles of social justice AND environmental sustainability;
  • Environmentally responsible in the way they source, manufacture, and market their products and run their operations and facilities;
  • Socially equitable and committed to extraordinary practices that benefit workers, customers, communities, and the environment; and
  • Accountable for their work by continually improving and tracking their progress, and operating with radical transparency in every facet of their business.

To find more about Green America Click here >

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Arabesque Collection (Jan 29,2013)


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Warmth & Dreams Collection (Dec 30,1013)


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Faeryland Collection (Dec 11, 2013)


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Winter Walk Collection (Nov 11, 2013)


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Lacette Collection (Nov 06, 2013)


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