Style Snapshot – Midlayers

Mid-Layers! My essential pieces. Always to be packed for every trip. With pockets, preferably.
Aprons, slips, jumpers… All mid-layers that you add to your outfit of a top and pant – to bring it to a completely different place…that you just may fall in love with.
I am pretty sure I invented this concept… And once people try it, they feel the comfort, security, and FUN of these pieces. In a dressier fabric, the mid-layer can go to the opera, or to a wedding, with you.
You will feel beautiful, unique and so glad you are not wearing sequins.

Daily, wear mid-layers include linen, denims, all washable, wonderful easy care fabrics…
Throw them on over a fitted tee and whatever style of pant you love the best. Bloomers, petaloons, leggings, or a skirt. Fill those pockets with your daily necessities and you are set!
Mid-layers can work on any and all body types!

My day is complete and always much better when I wear a Blue Fish style apron or one of our other great mid-layer styles. I guarantee, they are addictive in a good way.
Enjoy and wear them well.
Love, jen

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Learn all about layering here >


Before and After in the Stockholm Apron



Before and After in the Parasol Dress


Before and After in the Florica Shift


Before and After the Whimsical Reversible Shift


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2 Responses to Style Snapshot – Midlayers

  1. Deborah Aaron wrote:


    This says outfits are in Frenchtown, so guess the email is headed your way. I love the reversible shift look in black. Let me know cost as I really don’t feel well today and am not going searching through the site. There was a comment from Jen about possibiliity of “denim” or did I read that wrong, she really should do these, at least one of these in real denim, no lycra needed. It would be wonderful, regular denim and the light blue sort of washed out blue.
    I sent Jay on a hunt through the BF pile and he found the leggings, they will go out to you on Monday when he is up in the country as it is easier to send things from there.
    Deborah Aaron

  2. Terri Kosinski wrote:

    Thanks so much for sending me emails. it has been a long time since I have been able to buy a piece of clothing from blue fish. My daughter Joy passed away from breast cancer + my life has truly changed. Taking care of Joy + her 3 girls, 5 animals, huge 7 bedroom home. we had custody of the girls for awhile but now the girls love wit our younger daughter in Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Keep sending me emails….
    Terri Kosinski

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