Frani is back!

Greetings Ladies!
If we have not met, my name is Frani and I have been with Blue Fish since 1994.

For the last few years I have been enjoying all-around happiness and good health with family, friends, exercise, plants and dogs. Anybody else do zumba wearing Blue Fish?
Life was good!

Through the magic of Blue Fish, I reconnected with Jennifer and realized how much I missed my Blue Fish life and friends.
So… I’m back!

I am back at my beloved Frenchtown shop most afternoons. If you will be in the Frenchtown area please let me know so we can catch up in person.

When I am not at the shop, you can count on Diane and Mary to help you find your Blue Fish treasures. They will hold your pieces so that we can discuss them too. Or any other questions you may have.
You can also connect with me personally at Email me your phone number and I will give you a call.

I am looking forward to saying hi and reconnecting as well as meeting all of you who have joined our enchanted circle of friends.
I am so grateful be able to share with all of you again.

We all know it’s NOT just about the clothes.
Life is so good !!!

Let’s talk soon, Frani J

frani and dogs 21

Frani and her dogs, Francesca & Giovani.

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30 Responses to Frani

  1. Linda Abrahams wrote:

    You are a true Blue Fish treasure! Cannot wait to make a trip and give you a proper hello! Welcome back!

    • frani ricci wrote:

      oh my linda, thanks so much! i tried, but could not stay away from my blue fish ladies. looking so forward to your visit.
      try to give me a heads up if u are coming so i can be there.

      mmmmmm, the good old days are back :-)

  2. Linda wrote:

    The white and fawn IG looks just like my Twiggy, going on 4 years old. She is a real DIVA!!!

    • frani wrote:

      hey linda, mayb u can give me some doggie clothes advice! i am always on the the lookout. know what u mean about a diva. fortunately my husband is sillier than i am with the 2 of them.

  3. Kathryn Whitley-Jordan wrote:

    Welcome back, Frani!!!

  4. Nan Auman Boomhower wrote:

    Frani. I cannot tell you just how much you have been missed. So glad you are back. Hoping we can talk soon. I can be your worst nightmare AGAIN!!!! Nan from Tennessee

    • frani wrote:

      morning nan, i love nightmares! i’m still working on getting my life and shop time in sink. i can’t wait to catch up!

  5. Terry Breslin wrote:

    So good to have you back. You were always an asset to Blue Fish.
    You make me very happy.

  6. Wendy Lochner wrote:

    Remember you so well–so friendly and helpful! Welcome back!

    • Frani wrote:

      Hi Wendy,
      great to hear from you. i have been not been able to reply to most of the ladies. keep getting a spam message. so i am trying again today. as u can c i am thrilled to b back!!! thanks for remembering me. that feels so good.
      hope u get this frank :-)

  7. Earlene Newman wrote:

    Hi Frani. Welcome back. Missed you. I’m sure Angela and I will be up to see you soon.

  8. Carolyn Blake wrote:

    Welcome home! There’s always been a little bit of magic around the Frenchtown shop and you are certainly part of it.

  9. Ann Altoonian wrote:

    Welcome back Frani! My visits to F’town have been few and far between lately but hope to make one soon, and so glad you are going to be there!

  10. Ann Williams wrote:

    Hi Frani,
    I have spoken to you on the phone many times to order and am so happy to see your face for the first time and to know you are back, dear!

  11. Maureen Duffy wrote:

    Frani: Such wonderful news! I haven’t been back to Frenchtown since you left, but I shall definitely return soon. I miss your expert phone and in-person guidance very much. It’s so good to see your face on the Blue Fish website again.

  12. Mary Gayle Selfridge wrote:

    Welcome back,you were always helpful to me when Ibwasnlooking for Sz.2′s that were fuller.I have been a customer since the 90′s

  13. Lynn Hill wrote:

    So happy you are are the BEST personal shopper! look forward to talking with you.

  14. LINDA NUSUM wrote:

    Hi Frani,
    This was the best news that I have heard all week!! Can’t wait to come and visit with you again. Your name and Bluefish go hand & hand.
    Hopefully we will talk soon

    Linda Nusumi

  15. Andrea Stekloff wrote:

    Welcome great lady!!
    Glad to hear the news.
    Major problem….I have lost so much weight that BF no longer fits me.

  16. Andrea Stekloff wrote:

    Welcome back
    Slight problem..I have lost go much weight that BF no longer fits me.
    Hugs, Andrea

  17. Carol Hover wrote:

    Have missed U very much Frani! I’m recuperating from a total hip replacement. If all goes well, we’ll be in NJ in August for a shower. Will plan on stopping for a visit and some retail therapy.

  18. Carol walker wrote:

    Welcome back Franni! I think of you whenever I wear some special pieces!

  19. Imani Russell wrote:

    Whenever I wear any of my Bluefish coats and I am proud to say that I have 6, I think of you Frani. I haven’t driven to Frenchtown since you’ve been gone. What a delightful surprise. Welcome home.

  20. Linda Doman wrote:

    Welcome home, Frani! I am so pleased to hear you are back. I look forward to getting your sage advice about dressing me in more Blue Fish clothing!

  21. Nane' Arpajian wrote:

    Frani, when I opened up my car door and started walking into the Frenchtown Store, I couldn’t believe my eyes…it was YOU! It was great catching up for a bit. I am so excited you are back! You were sorely missed! xoxoxo

  22. Barbara Johnson wrote:

    Hey lady! So glad you’re back! Haven’t been there since you left. Hope to see you soon! Bobby

  23. "Connie from Sheboygan" wrote:

    Thrilled that you are back. You always understood what I needed from BF and dressed me in such a manner that I was confident in any situation. I’ll be giving you a call soon. XX

  24. Franne Dwyer wrote:

    Welcome Back Frani!!!!! Love you,, Franne

  25. Eunice from Louisiana wrote:

    Hi Frani
    I happy that you are back.
    You sold a lot of my Bluefish clothing I own lot of pieces and the people that work @ the Freshtown store are great!!!

  26. Betty DeMonic wrote:

    Love the wonderful pictures and the article about you. Loved talking to you on the phone. Thanks so much for your call! Jim and I drove to Frenchtown a couple of weeks ago, but wrong day to see you. I will be back soon. You + Blue Fish were always so important to me.
    Love you!

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