curvy girls

Cultivate your curves! We had our curvy best friends come in and style a shoot! You know what works for you. Here are their favorites…

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Latisha’s Style (5′ 2 Size 2)
For me, clothes need to be comfortable and low maintenance. I don’t want anything too clingy or hanging too low, etc. I like anything that looks good on me regardless of trends or styles and I don’t mind standing out in a crowd when I find pieces I really like. Just recently I have begun experimenting with a more layered look. I never used to do layers thinking that more clothes would make me look too bulky, and not be flattering. I find the opposite is true. I like good quality items that will last and last, because once you find something you really love to wear you never want to let it go.


Latisha & Heather


Latisha in the Spring Wish Tunic and Buttonwillow Pant


Latisha in the Monarch Vest & Buttonwillow Pant


Whimsical Reversible Shift & Buttonwillow Pant


Organza Shift, & Buttonwillow Pant with the Wildflower Cotton Wrap


Stocklholm Apron, Buttonwillow Pant


Heather’s Style (5′ 4 Size 1 & 2)

I like to dress to reflect my moods and express my creativity. Sometimes it’s wild, sometimes it’s subtle, but I pretty much always like to have some whimsical element to my outfit, even if I’m the only one who knows! I hate to look boring or dumpy. I really pay attention to details, the placement of a pocket, seams, a button, or a print can make all the difference between something I would wear every day if I could, and something that would sit in my closet.


Heather in the Linen Lily Apron, Wild Gathers Tissue Cardi, Slim Flounce pant


Bella Villa Dress, Plaidant Pant


Stocklholm Apron, Buttonwillow Pant


Serenade Tunic


Elegante Jumper, Wild Gathers Cardi

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5 Responses to curvy girls

  1. leslie londer wrote:

    please ask lizza to call me. there are several items that may be appropriate for me even if i am apprised of inventory should i not be able afford item this moment….leslie londer 508.596.8764

    if there are any items that are irregular or imperfect i would like to know if and what they might be…..thanks

  2. Kay Sorensen wrote:

    Curvy girls show off more of the Blue Fish detailing. Let’s see more of curvy girls!

  3. Michelle Spaulding wrote:

    I’ve been wearing Bluefish clothing for over 12 years. I am a very curvy girl and at 40 years old I had found my creative voice with your clothing. Thank you for inspiring and uplifting my spirit with your art-to-wear. I appreciate you celebrating women of all sizes especially the curvy ones. A shout out to Liza!

  4. Anna wrote:

    Wow, I just discovered Bllue Fish clothes. The Curvy stuff is amazing. Being a big girl myself I would love some of them. My income is more on a walmart clothes level….but a girl can dream. Hats off to ya, you have some beautiful clothes for the folks with the money.

  5. Kimberly wilson wrote:

    Beautiful clothes!!! Sale items, catch of week also supa sweet helpful employees. They have went thru clearance stuff for me and have emailed pictures, measurments and prices! Save up and get an item here and there. Bluefish clothing items work well and u can build a new wardrobe an item at a time… Like me!

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