Melissa works at our Frenchtown Location.

Being an artist myself I have always admired what Jen has accomplished & maintained in the world of art & fashion. It is a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful company, I love being a member of the Blue Fish family! A dream of mine is to become a part of the creative process for Blue Fish. Some Blue Fish styles that speak to me would be EVERYTHING. No really I absolutely adore the new Winter Lace collection especially the hoodie dress & pantaloons!! I regularly wear the petaloons, straight leg trousers & tunics of any kind. These would be staples for my work attire, functional, comfy & fashionable too!!

Things that inspire me include my children, art & my general love for people. I am a people person who enjoys the freedom to create. I love to help others. I have great fun when my boys & I find something to repurpose together, they are 5 & 8 and love when mommy gives them a bucket of paint, a couple of brushes and we go hunt for something to breathe new life into. Oh what fun we have together!!!
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One Response to Melissa

  1. Bev Sacre wrote:

    Hi Liza!!

    I’ve talked to u many times these past years… I live in Northridge, Ca,
    going back and forth to Maui.

    We’ve had some fun conversations, talking BF, and other topics. The last few times I’ve called u were out doing what u do best..

    Have a Merry Christmas/and of course the Happiest of New Year’s.
    It was fun finally meeting you via e mail, u look just like I thought u would.. Your name fits your looks!!

    Bev the Vintage Woman!!

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