Itajime Shibori

We love shibori at Blue Fish!  Our multi-faceted surface design artists love to foray into all types of textile design.  But there is something in the simplicity, beauty and unexpectedness of shibori that really draws us in.

For this collection we decided to use a wood block and clamp resist to create the geometric patterns and colors on our Itajime Shift. This is a two-step process. First the shift is dyed a light color to show through where the fabric is clamped. Then it is overdyed a darker color.


A rainbow of shifts, before being overdyed.

close-up of the “wood sandwich”

Itajime literally means “wood sandwich” in Japanese. And that’s exactly what our shifts look like before going in to their dye baths!  There are many ways to create patterns with binding, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing and clamping, but we like the bold patterns and watercolory  fabric designs created with this process. Plus this shift itself is awesome!  It looks great on everyone and is soooo comfy. Typical Blue Fish!

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After Itajime Shibori

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4 Responses to Itajime Shibori

  1. J.J. Van Name wrote:


  2. Ann Williams wrote:

    It is fascinating to learn about the dying technique for these luscious pieces. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

    • Gail Parmenier wrote:

      I love every new fabric you find. Remember us freezing in Michigan.
      Kudos and the designs and fabrics, as of late. Way to go Maestro.

  3. jill kahn wrote:

    Absolutely lovely fabric that must drape beautifully…

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