Carol H’s Story

Carol's Granddaughter Abbey

Carol’s Granddaughter Abbey

I have several Blue Fish Stories and all of them are favorites. I have met and enjoyed Blue Fish friends from all over the country. And most of them have remained with me throughout this journey call life. I met Paula from North Carolina many years ago. She formerly lived in Ithaca NY and we shared a love of artsy clothing and even make up. When Katrina struck New Orleans, my daughter and her family lost everything. We had major damage at our home there as well. Paula who cared so much for us, contacted Jennifer Barclay and told her what was happening.  Jennifer in turn contacted me for sizes and shipped them a large box of new clean clothing for both of them. They had evacuated to Boston and it was sooo cold.

Here is a photo of my sweet refugee granddaughter Abigail in her Blue Fish Dress. Can you say heart warming? Kay, our friendly Blue Fish quilter sent both Cori & Abbey new warm quilts. Can you say heart warming again? I will never forget the kindness of my Blue Fish friends during that terrible ordeal, that haunts us still. It just goes to show that is does take a village.
Carol Hover


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  1. shelley lewis wrote:

    what a beautiful and heart warming story. sometimes i think the whole world has gone mad with it’s computers, video gaming, schedules, etc. everyone is always running from one deadline to another. and in the process, we forget we are human, we love our brothers and sisters in this world and we should practice kindness and loving care as well as compassion. the compassion for you and your family by blue fish is so endearing. there really are still loving and kind people in this world and they are willing to give of themselves to help others. thanks for sharing your beautiful story with us. it has stirred a little something in my heart today when i was feeling a little down. thank you. may you find love and light for your path…

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