Carol’s Story

Carol & her Blue Fish

Carol & her Blue Fish

I love Blue Fish because it reflects my views on life. I want my clothing and my life, to be uncommon, carefree, artfully painted, whimsical, asymmetric, ecologically sound & indestructible.

I am a Blue Fish lover from the very early days. My first two t-shirts are from 1989 and I continue to love the older vintage pieces. When they wear out I just patch or redye them.

I am a jewelry artist. My business is named Traveling Savage, and I sell my uncommon and funky pieces at art shows and festivals in the South and Northeast of the United States. While I am based in Washington D.C., I travel as far as Florida and Cape Cod to do art shows. I always wear my Blue Fish pieces at shows, and every time I wear something someone recognizes it as Blue Fish. There is a big Blue Fish underground out there. There really should be a secret handshake or something like that!

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  1. Kimberly wrote:

    I love you jewelry and love this apron. It is one of my own personal favorites in a deep russet. I need another of your necklaces!!!!


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