Katie’s Story

Katie Gardenia

Katie Gardenia

I believe that I began collecting and wearing Blue Fish sometime in the early eighties. I was in my 30′s then – an artist and restauranteur. Over the years, I wore my Blue Fish to all my art shows and as soon as someone who wore Blue Fish or collected it came into my booth, we would hug, squeal, and talk about our favorite clothing (BF).When I could get out of the kitchen in the restaurant, I would trade my chef’s apron & uniform for my comfy/artsy Blue Fish and feel pretty…
In 2003 when “Charlie” (hurricane) hit where I lived in Florida, I had less than 10 hours to evacuate my cottage and make the decision about what to take – of course my family photos, important papers, art supplies, 4 dogs, 1 bird and my Blue Fish. For seven days I did know if I had a home or not – so I cooked. I cooked for people I didn’t know. I cooked wearing my Blue Fish and everyone loved my outfits! On day 8 I was allowed to return to my island. I wore my most favorite Blue Fish – the brightest and most loved…Needless to say I had lost my cottage and my restaurant.

Starting over at 65 has been a challenge to say the least, but I love what I do, and that is so very important, especially in these times. I create beautiful fiber art and incorporate my worn Blue Fish into upholstery, pillows, and even my art dolls.I am blessed to have my art and will always be thankful for Blue Fish, a true inspiration.

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  1. shelley lewis wrote:

    katie, i’m so sorry that you experienced such a horrible loss but i know also that sometimes our journey takes us up and down many mountains and we either learn from the experience or we stay stuck in that place. you had such a sweet story to share and i thank you. i’m inspired by you for having lost and then starting over from virtually nothing but a few things that were important to you and your Blue Fish was one of those things. The clothing evokes a loving and artful lifestyle when we wear them. they are artfully and lovingly created and that makes each person who wears them feel very beautiful both on the inside and the outside. i enjoy my blue fish and know you do as well and i wish for you all the best that life can bring. don’t ever give up…

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